Advice on Florida Flights in Feb

    I *might* be going Orlando in Feb next year with my OH, 2 children and an infant. The flight prices seem to be sitting at around £350 mark and i'm wondering when it's best to buy ??.

    I've never booked flights there before so have no idea when is a good time to book, also i'd be interested in knowing of any airlines that offer a significant reduction for children as this could obviously make a big difference. Seems that the biggest cost is taxes !!!.

    Would rather fly direct, from either around midlands or London.

    I know some people on hotukdeals have quoted prices around £200 which would be amazing !!.

    Thanks in advance.


    I would definately wait until after Christmas between now and then you may get some special offers just keep looking until then - I went in March and then again in april, the March one I booked ahead with Virgin - about 8 weeks ahead and it cost £305, the Aapril one went down to £120 from a local airport for me to £120 and booked that one about but I had booked when we got back from the March one and paid £190 and it went down 2-3 weeks before to £120 (charter with Thompsonfly)


    I am not too sure to be honest but there is a fab website about Florida - - the people on there are so friendly and seem to know everything there is to know about Florida. I am sure someone there would be able to advise you.

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    Thanks for the advice. I've just looked on thedibb and people seem to be buying the BA ones that have just gone on sale to go next year. I'm torn between that and waiting like Octobergirl said to see if I can get a cheaper one. Would be very happy to go with BA though, great luggage allowance and space.

    Hmmmm decisions decisions. Then again, it's only a might, lol I don't have any money to pay for anything anyway (credit card ???? lol)
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