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Posted 22nd Feb 2007
sorry if this has been asked before but i'm going to orlando in the summer,my plan is to purchase the disney 14 day ultimate ticket for the 3 of us ( adults ), do you think i also need to purchase the orlando 4 park flexticket as well ?? or am i wasting my money.
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Personally, as it is 3 adults, i would buy the flextickets instead of the 14 day Disney. I would probably go for the 5 park ticket though as Busch Gardens is really good, then i'd buy a 3 or 4 day Disney pass. Disney is great if you have kids, but for adults i would always recommend the Universal side. If you haven't been before then you definitely need to see the Disney side to see what the hype is about. There are plenty of places to buy tickets from so give me a shout if you want a few ideas.

Also check out ]thedibb.co.uk which covers everything you could want to know about Florida.
Your best bet is to go into a travel agent and ask - they will give you the latest advice/ticket prices etc.

Sorry that doesn't help you directly, but I can tell you NOT to agree to getting free tickets when you're already out there by attending a presentation - it's a hard-sell timeshare scheme that loads of tourists get enticed into (yes, it happens in USA as well as Spain!). It goes along the lines of: when you're booking in to your motel the guy on the counter will ask you if you're interested in free/heavily discounted tickets for shows/parks etc. He will tell you just to go to a particular place at a set time & get a free breakfast while someone gives a short (1 hour, we were told!) presentation. Then, when you get there, you get your free breakfast, followed by a hard-sell. Every time you say no they tell you they have to get their supervisor so he can verify your response - this goes on until you've said no to about 4 different people!

Also, don't worry about not using all the ticket's days - there are plenty of places that will buy the unused portions from you (not for a very good price, but for more than you'd get if you threw them away!).
hi i would recommend you get the flexitickets as in my opinion i enjoyed universal more than disney seaworld is fantastic we are going back in nov and are just buying flexitickets and not disney this time .but if its your first time i would recommend you still buy disney also as you may find it great but dont miss all the other great attractions .there is so much to cram in the first time the waterparks are great fun to have a day off from main parks .
you will also find that buying a pass for disney there is not much differance in price for the hoppers etc are not that bad in comparison to daily rates etc .i went for a 7 day disney and a 5 park universal which even that is too many days .
thank's very much evryone for your help it's much appreciated,i think i may have mislead you a little it's myself ,my wife and our son who is 10 that's going, what i was thinking is that i have to pay adult price for my son hence the 3 adult quote, many thank's again for your help i can't wait to get there.
I went last year with 2 adults and a 9 year old girl, and we had both sets of passes (14 day disney) and 4 park flex ticket. We enjoyed having both as it gave us complete flexibility.

If I had to choose just one, I would choose the flexticket, as all of us's favourite park was Seaworld. Also, Universal/Islands of Adventure has plenty to keep a 10 year old occupied. If you are not getting the disney ticket, you might want to choose the 5 park flexticket - as busch gardens is also worth a look. And the ticket includes the free bus to Busch.

I bought mine here, and I think that it ended up cheaper then the prices that I saw in the US. I can't remember who I bought them from, but I have bought from quite a few on-line retailers and have had no problems.
Your son will be classed as an adult for the theme park tickets (it is a bit of a rip off!!!!) They now also have security measures in place so that you can't use other people's tickets that have days left on them.

The 14 day ultimate pass is currently coming in at the same price as the Disney 5 day premium ticket so as well buying the 14 day one just in case you decide to spend more time at Disney.

For Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Universal's City Walk there is currently an offer that give a free child ticket, also gives 2 parks for 2 days with a 3rd day free and 14 consecutive days access to City Walk. £62 per adult and has to be booked by 30 April.

There is also the 4 and 5 park flexticket that gives 14 days consecutive access to either 4 or 5 parks including Universal, Islands of Adventure, Seaworld, Wet n Wild and Bush Gardens (Bush Gardens only on 5 park ticket) price for the 4 and 5 park tickets seem to be the same.

Most travel agents use Keith Prowse for their tickets and sometimes have special offers that are only valid to them. I would call or pop into your local travel agent and see what they have on offer.

It is definitely best to buy your tickets here, it works out cheaper and keep clear of the supposed cheap theme park ticket desks in the shopping malls. The normally involve time share!
Going to orlando for 10 days so i would reckon i would do the parks for 8 days . The problem is , i want to go to disney plus universal studious .Whats the best way to buy tickets
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