Found 10th Jan 2010
my bbc channels keep saying no signal so rescanned and now they are no where to be found any advice as to what to do and why its happening?? cheers


What make is the free view box?
And is your ariel external in internal ?

And have yout tried to reset the box like a master reset ?

most likely your aerial , check the connection behind the freeview box first and then look at the aerial.

I have had similar problems with cheaper (Asda and the like) freeview boxes. The box may need replacing

pay your licence

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its an indoor ariel all the other channels are fine and the box is new only had bout month but bbc is there sometimes and then not other times. when i first got it it didnt show the bbc channels untill i rescanned it then they were there


pay your licence

Pay your pub

actually reding the post again , he says bbc only that wud suggest repositioning the aerial . hic!
bit strange though as bbc normally have a very strong signal , im confused a little now.

bbc channels nowhere to be found, are you sure ? have you looked in the range of channel numbers > 800

If you find them there move them to where you want them or do a manual scan not an automatic scan.

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not in list have rescanned a few times and still not coming up

its your arial not enough power, i had the same problemwith an indoor arial

sounds like your aeriel + maybe weak signal...Try a signal booster.



sounds like your aeriel + maybe weak signal...Try a signal booster.


I have noticed BBC signals are all down to about 50% over the last week whereas all the others are still on 100%

get a booster from argos / tescos.

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no its a proper ariel in the wall and like i said the bbc were there last nite as i recorded heroes but today playing up
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