Advice on Gas Boiler Cover, British Gas putting price up!

Found 21st Aug 2017
Hi BG has just contacted me to inform me that they are putting my boiler cover up another £50 to £395 for the year! this seems obscene and i wondered if anyne could recommend another cover. Thanks for any help
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Depends on age of boiler but anything out of parts warranty will be more expensive. I think BG have the best call out in bad weather.
Call them and negotiate they will definitely reduce it back to the original amount. Done it several times.
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What level cover do you have? The boiler only cover is the cheapest - is this sufficient for your needs? The boiler is where you are most likely to have a problem - failure rates of other parts is much lower. Their website suggests boiler only cover from £12/month - think this has a call charge for each use and may be supposedly only for new customers.
you currently pay £345 for boiler cover? Do you live in a school? wow!
How many times have you used them since you took out the cover? How much have you paid them in that time?

Divide amount paid by number of call outs, and then you can see if it is even worth having.

That is a lot of money each year you are paying!
didnt realise they were good to haggle with. i will definately give that a try
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