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Found 18th Aug 2009
Hi, my wife is currently on a Vodafone SIM only tariff. She pays £15 a month and with overseas texts and 0870 etc her bill is usually between £20 and £25. Her old phone is knackered and she wants to make a leap forward in technology. However due to reception in our huse, she wants to stay with Vodafone and she obviously wants to keep her number. She has her eye on the Nokia N97 but this is very expensive on the Vodafone website if you don't want a long contract. Couple of questions:

Do we need to get an upgrade directly with Vodafone or would a 3rd party such as CPW or Dial-a-phone be able to offer a better deal?

What's the best way of dealing with Vodafone? Threaten to leave?

Other option I had considered was unlocking my iPhone 3G and asking O2 for an early upgrade but I am not sure if they would do this.




You seriously need to log in at [url]www.vodafone.co.uk[/url] and enter the details of her number etc to see if she can upgrade. I did it recently, on a £15/m SIM only tariff and got a N97 for nothing. Puts you into a 12/18m contract, but exactly the same as you are on now. Go check it out.

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Wow! How much do you spend each month?

Have a read here.....


Managed to get the N97 and a Jet for diddley!!

Hope it works for you!!!! :thumbsup:

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Can't even get past the basic security on the upgrade checker. Are the offers only on the web?

Ok, Having ploughed through the thread I can see that you can only get the good deal over the internet. I will get my wife to call tomorrow and get her login sorted then she can check the upgrade. Thanks for the tip.
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