Advice on getting refund for unused service plan

Posted 25th Feb 2015
Hey guys. After a bit of advice.

I bought a new car (well, it was used, but from a main dealer).

When I bought the car I also signed up to a fixed price service plan (Pay a set amount up front for the next 2 services on the vehicle - cheaper than paying individually).

I recently wrote off said car (without having used any of the services - it was only 3 months old when I wrote it off (I know......)).
I contacted Seat looking to get a refund for this but was told that fixed price service plans are non-refundable and non-transferrable. I've checked online and it does say that it's non-refundable.

I was told by Seat when I bought it and the car that should I not need it, I could get a refund. I can't prove this either way as it was only a vocal confirmation from the salesperson.
I know I asked this as I didn't keep my last car very long so didn't need the services and wouldn't have been surprised if the same happened with this car.

This seems ridiculous as basically; I've paid for a service I've got nothing out of. I could understand if it was an insurance product where it's there as a 'just in case' type thing. But a Service plan; 2 services (1 major and 1 minor) on a set vehicle at set times in the vehicle's life.

What should I do as it seems extremely unreasonable to pay for a specific service they can't deliver (whatever the reason). Do I have any leg to stand on at all? Or should I just kiss my money goodbye?
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