Advice on getting refund for unused service plan

Posted 25th Feb 2015
Hey guys. After a bit of advice.

I bought a new car (well, it was used, but from a main dealer).

When I bought the car I also signed up to a fixed price service plan (Pay a set amount up front for the next 2 services on the vehicle - cheaper than paying individually).

I recently wrote off said car (without having used any of the services - it was only 3 months old when I wrote it off (I know......)).
I contacted Seat looking to get a refund for this but was told that fixed price service plans are non-refundable and non-transferrable. I've checked online and it does say that it's non-refundable.

I was told by Seat when I bought it and the car that should I not need it, I could get a refund. I can't prove this either way as it was only a vocal confirmation from the salesperson.
I know I asked this as I didn't keep my last car very long so didn't need the services and wouldn't have been surprised if the same happened with this car.

This seems ridiculous as basically; I've paid for a service I've got nothing out of. I could understand if it was an insurance product where it's there as a 'just in case' type thing. But a Service plan; 2 services (1 major and 1 minor) on a set vehicle at set times in the vehicle's life.

What should I do as it seems extremely unreasonable to pay for a specific service they can't deliver (whatever the reason). Do I have any leg to stand on at all? Or should I just kiss my money goodbye?
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It seems that you was mis-sold the service then, that's what you should be complaining about. If you was verbally informed that it was refundable under those circumstances when it is not, then you have been given incorrect advice and you should make a complaint. Escalate the complaint with them as far you can go and if you have no luck then your only option would be to take them to the small claims court, however considering the lack of evidence you have I'm not sure your claim would be considered, also consider the fee's involved.

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Hi How many months did you pay for?
They can deliver the service. They aren't refusing. If you had a discussion with a salesperson that varied the terms of the service contract, then you and the salesperson should have noted the change on the agreement and signed it. It seems odd that you wouldn't have done this given your comment about your previous car.
It was a 2 service agreement (services are every 10k miles or every 12 months, whichever is soonest).

I didn't read the terms (more fool me) when I agreed to take the service agreement. It wasn't a change in terms, more. I trusted the car dealer (again - more fool me)
If the accident was not your fault then claim as loss on the accident claim.

I can find two SEAT service deals a monthly offering and a £99 payment option but the small print states seems to state they are transferable to a new owner but nothing about if you want to end the contract.

Can I transfer my agreement to someone else? Hire Purchase, Lease … Can I transfer my agreement to someone else? Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase, Solutions, Contract Hire and Finance Lease customers We are unable to transfer agreements into another person’s name, irrespective of their relationship to you. However, there are some circumstances where we would consider this, such as transfers to a limited company or where executors wish to transfer equity in the event of a customer's death. We would suggest that you contact us in order to talk through the options. Fixed-Cost Maintenance customers Unfortunately once a plan is set up it must remain with the vehicle. You can, however, transfer the plan to the new owner of the vehicle. All we need is a letter or email from both parties confirming they would like this to happen and we will arrange for a new contract to be sent out. Fixed-Price Service customers The plan must remain with the vehicle however we are more than happy to transfer the plan to the new owner. All we would need is for them to contact us either by phone, email or post advising us they now own the car, and supply us their name, address and contact telephone number.…tml

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Just leave the wreck on the forecourt and say it has a few fault lights and needs a service
You trusted a verbal confirmation from a car salesman? he he he.
Have you actually spoken to Seat? By Seat, I mean Seat, not the "Seat dealership" as they are unlikely to be managed by Seat but a franchise as most across the UK are. If it is a franchise, tell them you were missold the service and you want a refund, otherwise you will take the complaint to Seat. They will **** bricks and give you the refund, I have done the same with franchise dealers of Honda and Volkswagen. The car manufacturers really don't like franchises hurting their brand image and will sort it if need be, but this usually scares the franchise into giving a refund/doing as the customer is asking (within reason) to avoid a slap over the back of the head.

Just leave the wreck on the forecourt and say it has a few fault lights … Just leave the wreck on the forecourt and say it has a few fault lights and needs a service

kiss it goodbye OP
If they are not prepaired to refund you then ask them to box up all the parts for your collection.
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