advice on headlights on car (xenon hid kits)

    hi people im thinking if to change my headlights on the astra ive got? looking at the xenon hid kits,
    are they any good?
    easy to do or do you need someone to fit them?
    any good ones or any to avoid?
    please give me some advice


    a good kit not too bright will look great
    i had a 6000k kit in my car and they looked great, improved night driving dramatically

    dont go crazy and get anything too bright and chavvy or youll blind every driver on the road

    most kits are plug and play, really easy to fit
    hardest part i found was hiding all the wires under the bonnet.

    dont buy a cheap ebay kit, theyll burn out and catch fire

    Original Poster

    anywhere good to get them from?

    HID conversions are not road legal in the UK.


    HID conversions are not road legal in the UK.

    very true,the ones fitted by the manufacturers are self levelling which of coarse these kits are not.

    Don't they need to have washer jets fitted too.


    Don't they need to have washer jets fitted too.

    Yes, The heat from the bulb can bake dirt on the light lens then crack the lens once it gets brittle.

    You also need to take em out when you take your car for MOT or your car will fail (I learnt the hard way)


    anywhere good to get them from?

    mines passed a MOT no problems

    If the beam pattern is ok they will pass

    I have got my HID fitted by a garage. Thatguy was great. No problem at all, and really is over 10 time brighter.
    He is in newcastle, if you want, I can give you his number

    As long as the beam patten is correct, it WILL NOT fail the MOT unless your running 10000k bulbs.. 6000k is fine..

    Its a very grey area at the moment

    Just cos it will pass the MOT dos not mean it is legal.

    It is against the Construction and Use Regulations.
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