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    Hi. I need some consumer advice please.
    I purchased a eddie izzard dvd boxed set online at hmv but one of the dvds was scratched.
    After going through HMV's website regarding their returns policy I packaged up the item with a cover note and sent it back to the freepost address which was on their website.
    This was 2 weeks ago and I am now being told that they have not received the item.
    Anybody else had a similar experience and if so what was the outcome? Is it their word against mine as I didn't get proof of postage with it being a freepost address?
    Thanks in advance.


    Post is still slower than normal!
    I had this problem, turned out it was there after all, was just speaking to the wrong department, seems they don't communicate between departments. I always obtain Proof of Postage, Royal Mail are not the most reliable!
    Shouldn't say this, but If that doesn't work, order another and say it doesn't arrive!

    Original Poster

    Cheers for the advice. Hopefully it'll turn up somewhere in the next few days

    you still need to get a proof of posting,freepost or not

    if they are lost you will not receive a refund/replacement

    as above mate, getting proof of postage or sending recorded is your way of proving that you have actuallty sent the item back and arent trying to con them, so without that i doubt they would refund/replace the item. But as also mentioned the post is sloooowwwwww at the mo and royal mail are useless so might still turn up.

    I ordered a few things from HMV 2 weeks ago. They've not turned up yet. HMV said the items had all been received at the RM depot but as yet (due to the snow) they're not yet at the local office. Have hope, things should start to catch up in the next week or so.
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