Advice on house door locks and house security

Posted 4th Oct 2020
Last week we had an attempted break in. Thankfully I was at home and the didn’t continue. The tried to enter through a window. They thought nobody was in. Was my day off work so everything was off and me sat in the corner sleeping.

I’ve attached two photographs. Something I’ve never thought of but remember seeing on TV, if the door locks are anti snap.

I believe the gold one is anti snap where as the grey that is protruding is not. But I’m not sure was wondering if anyone can advise me? Going to get on to the hosing association ASAP.

I’m going to be getting some alarms. For the doors and windows I don’t think cctv will help and maybe some flood lights

Haven’t been able to sleep since it’s happened literally sat through the night looking out and on edge

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