Advice on in car dvd players/roof mounted dvds

    Hi everyone!
    I've just typed this out once but got logged out cos of kids waking up screaming. Bah.

    Anyway, we have just got a people carrier (eek) to replace my lovely 323f Mazda (97, my pride and joy..sob) and we want some in car entertainment for the kids as they HATE travelling.

    One of the cars we looked at had roof mounted dvd player which was great, we have inherited some cash, £450 seems to be the going rate which is a scary amount of money but OK at the mo..I'm just umming and arring about whether it will get nicked/the benefits of portable dvds.

    Our kids are 1 and 3 and so headphones aren't an option, so sound quality is an issue if it's portable. I might even use it myself to watch the Devil Wears Prada dvd dh bought me TWO YEARS AGO and I was supposed to watch while he took the kids out fo a few! Still in the packet.

    All advice very welcomed! TIA

    Best wishes
    ps I know I should be getting them to spot different species of bird on the M1/M18 but they soon get bored and want Mr Tumble...


    Dunno what you'll get for £450, but this is quite often 1/2 price @ Argos. I bought one & they're great. My kids love it on the long journeys.

    Has 2 x 7" screens, both with sound and microphone outputs. Comes with 2 x headphones, (not much use at the mo' I s'pose), and a car as well as house transformer.

    If you can wait, keep an eye out for them!…htm

    Hi, We too have a people carrier and had the same worries with reguards to a fitted dvd player, we ended up buying the accoustic solutions dvd player with 2 7in screens when they were on offer in argos for £59.
    They are great and keep our 3 and 6 year old entertained and sound quality is fine and have the option for headphones if wanted. We bought 2 seat covers (airbag ok ones) and they had head rest covers so we dont remove the screens as we just put the covers over and you cant tell they are there, the wires rundown the inside of the seat cover and the dvd player sits under passenger front seat so none can be seen at all but for £59 if they did get seen and stolen its not a great loss.

    We have a disney dual screen in car dvd player which is fantastic. The screens strap on to the head rests and it plugs into the cigerette lighter. It also has an av adapter for using in the house and the kids adore watching their cartoons in the car. The sound is great and it has seperate volume controls on each screen. It also comes with a remote control and 2 sets of disney headphones which 2 of my 3 use, (they are 2 and 6)
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