Advice on iPhone plz

    Hello what price would you pay for a IPhone 3G 8gb? Bout 150?? Also do you think 250 is a good price for the Iphone 3Gs 32g open to telco network?? Can it be unlocked? Thanks


    They can all be unlocked, the method depends on what network they started life on.

    The prices are too bad, again, depends on where they're coming from. Ebay and Gumtree tend to be a bit iffy and you could end up with a blocked phone unless you know who evers selling them.

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    It's on tesco network so do u think it would be easy to unlock? Kinda know the seller iPhone agit not dodgy lol

    I 'think' Tesco will officially unlock it after 1 year on contract (so you'd need to get the owner to do it before they sell it to you. It should be free), if not you'll have to jailbreak it and do it that way

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    K thanks for ur help
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