Advice on iPod Touch's please?

    My gf would like one of these for her xmas and I'm not very tuned up on the touches; Nano's I would know what I'm doing but these no.

    Could someone give me a crash course in these? What gen are we in atm 4th? also does it matter about software etc? Also what sizes are they available on for the most recent gen?


    My iPod Touch is probably the best purchase I've ever made! The iPod Touch does everything a Nano does but also offers web browsing with its built in wifi and access to the Apple App store, allowing you to download applications.

    As for the touch screen, it is very simple to use and is really responsive. You/your partner will soon get used to it.

    You put music/videos/podcasts on your iPod Touch exactly the same way as you would on your Nano. No extra software is required.

    Apple are now on their 4th generation. You can purchase an 8GB model (£189), a 32GB model (£249) or a 64GB model (£329). I would strongly recommend buying your iPod Touch via the official Apple store as they offer free engraving and free delivery.

    Hope that helps!
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    ipod touches only last a year, no joke im on my third one(each one dies before warrenty up) on the 2ndgen version due to the cheap components in side of apple products. touch screen went first, battery and button went on next one, personally i would not touch another apple product again, im just using it till it dies and if in warrenty great if not no big loss.

    Why do you keep buying them then?


    Why do you keep buying them then?

    when in warrenty apple replace them for free, i have only paid for one i.e. the first one, and each one since has been replaced under warrenty which apple offers 1 year from when you register the device
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