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    Anyone know wher i stand on this one ??? HP6735s Laptop

    I bought a laptop from ebuyer mid Oct 2008 all was fine until paint started flaking off on speaker above keyboard. I thought it 's not a major thing so i left it then screen started to mark from being closed from keyboard ......then i went to switch on just b4 christmas and nothin....well a white screen then nothin and i mean nothin, on/off button flashed then went off and wouldnt switch on..

    I returned laptop to ebuyer with all original discs booklets and box and waited 2 weeks ...nothin until yesterday.. I received an email sayin their technicians had looked and it and they were goin to send me a new laptop but were out of stock....

    Can anyone offer advice on what i am entitled to...
    Can i ask for a refund ??
    Can i ask for a different laptop?( obviously same price as don't really want to take chances on this happening again with same model.)

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, NO sarcastic comments pls.. like i shoulda gone to a retail shop.


    Not sure how the full refund would go, depends on their policy. As they are handling all the repairs/replacement I'd be counting myself lucky that they didnt leave it up to you do contact the manufacturer to get the repair done.

    On a separate note, if they dont have your make/model of laptop in stock then there would be no harm in suggesting to them that you'd be willing to pick one that they do have in stock up to the same value, obviously if they approved but its always an option and I doubt they'd be forthcoming about it with you so try your luck there with that one as well.

    Good luck, I've had to call on ebuyer for a couple of things and they've always come good on the repair/replacements

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    Thanks StevenA2000_uk , lets hope they will at least swap for different model then rep gven

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    closed now thanks
    they let either choose new one or full refund ..nice ppl at ebuyer


    Closed as requested ~ thansk for the report

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