Advice on Laptop Needed

    Dad is looking at getting a laptop and wanted some advice. The 2 he is looking at are....…961…256

    I am just looking for advice on whether these are any good, or some alternatives that you would recommend. Needs to be available in Comet as he has vouchers for there.


    both of those laptops are a bit pricey for what they are.
    Similar spec laptops can be ordered from dell for £400 to £550 (this price will even include delivery)
    So is it work spending £400 extra just so you can use some vouchers?

    What does he want to use the laptop for?

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    Just home use, internet

    Doesnt play games or anything, but does download a lot of music

    Dont think he wants a dell, have had bad experiences with my brothers and mine

    Of the two, I would go for the Toshiba . I have one.
    But are you sure the screen will be big enough for him ?
    Remember, the smaller the screen, the bigger the price.


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    Thanks for the advice everyone is appreciated

    well overpriced... I bought a dell vostro 1500.. with 15.4 inch screen, dual core 2 T7300 (2 gig) processor , 2 gig ram, 160 gig hd (SATA), 256mb 8600gt grx card, dvd writer and windows vista business for £610 delivered. This beat both of them.. and is a lot cheaper..

    also forgot to mention got 27 quid back via quidco as well so cost me £583 overall... I know you mentioned you didnt like the dell's but mine is absolutly superb and mega fast...
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