Advice on laptop please

    My naughty son has pulled the power lead and my Sony Vaio CS11Z dropped on the floor and broken. Now my insurance company offered me £411 to compensate, could someone suggest me a nice replacement please? Must have DVD writer (so I can burn some videos for his grandparent) and bluetooth. There are too many to choose but after the performance (and price) of my Sony, please suggest me another brands. Thanks in advance.



    If that is the only criteria get an Asus, Toshiba or another Sony if you want reliability

    At the price range of £400 you don't get any laptops with built in Bluetooth... Go for any laptop abt £400 with atleast a dual core processor and 3gb ram and 250gb hdd...normally you get this configuraton for about £379-400 in retail stores...

    You can buy a mini Bluetooth single from deal extreme for less than £2 so that sorts the problem with Bluetooth..

    Not Bluetooth single it's dongle predicted text from iPhone...

    Sony's are fancy..

    so what £400 will get you in sony..
    You will get the same spec from Asus / Acer fro arround 300 odd quid.

    Dell have some pretty decent ones. You can buy accidental damage warranty from DELL and depending on what you get you can even have next day onsite warranty for a little extra.

    PS Almost every laptop will come with wireless / bluetooth / dual core processor. Depending on what you use it for u may need varying amounts of those. LIke some one suggested 3GB ram + dual core is good for most people.

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    I had Sony so this time not consider them. To be honest, my CS11's fan is very loud from day 1 and just 2 weeks after the 1yr warranty, the fan and screen started failing to work as they should. It would cost £185 for Sony to only "look" at it plus cost of parts. So I am more prefer other brands. It seems that ebay has quite a lot of good deals but not sure they can be trusted or not.:oops:


    I got my HP Pavillion dv5 on ebay.

    Dual core, 3gb, 250gb, 512mb graphics, Blu Ray, HDMI out, Bluetooth all for
    There are bargains on there but take care who you buy off
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