Advice on Malta (St. Julian's Bay)?

Found 29th Jul 2018
Me and a friend are planning a short 4 day stay to Malta in around the 24th of September, maybe earlier and have decided on the St. Julian's area. We're not a couple so this would be a lad's type holiday and have been told this is the best area to go to for nightlife.

I guess what we want to know is roughly what sort of prices we'd be looking for the culture. Food, drinks out - that sort of thing.

We've found a few that look decent for around £300 so I guess would this be cheap for a holiday of this nature too?

Also, what sort of costs would we be looking for say a bus to the top of the island perhaps - maybe even to get around?
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Can't remember about food and drink. Buses were really cheap. Couple of euros to get anywhere on island, but this was several years ago.
St Julian's is a good place to choose though
After visiting Malta last year, I can say that St Julians is the most active for what you want for nightlife. Other parts of Malta are easily accessible by bus if you wish to head out of St Julians. You can pick up various bus passes depending on what suits you, more info can be found here:…ing

Bus passes will allow you to use any bus across the whole country which is great if you are planning on doing a lot of travelling around. If you are planning to go to Gozo then you will need to pay to use the ferry. Bus passes can be purchased from a number of locations:…ard

In addition, you can download the Malta Transport app off the store for your phone which helps to show stops, times, bus numbers, etc:…_GB…t=8

With regards to drinking and eating, I found the prices to be reasonable. I hope all this helps :-)
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