Advice on media streamer/player needed

Found 4th Apr 2011
i need a media setup for a new tv/bluray setup.
Is there one that you can download movies directly to its hard drive from a browser and then play it when downloaded?
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Have you bought a tv with built in internet ??
If not there are lots of deals to try at lovefilm with include streaming films or dvd's or blu-ray rental, gane rental etc

If you have a laptop/pc with HDMI Out then you can play downloads to your new TV

If you have a Sky subscription you can watch online through Skyplayer as well files can be kept on the computer.

depends what you bought and what exactly you want to do with it !

I have an archos tv+ box which I download movies off sky+ onto converted to Mpeg4 then connect a usb portable hard drive to pull the films off onto but am building a great library of films disc free ! I use a Western Digital media Box to connect the portable hard disc to to play on other tv's.
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got a p50g20 and a sony s380 dvd player. Wanted to d/l torrents directly to media and play them on connected tv.
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