Advice on missing word 07 file please

    Hi I had a file on my laptop which had been autosaved on word, I continued using this file and resaved to it a couple of times without changing the name. I have now switched on to find the file with all my work gone. I have tried searching as well as the bin but to no avail. Any more suggestons please or am I just done for?


    I hope someone more technical comes along & responds.

    The only thing I can think of is that it's been saved to a temporary folder something named like OLKA

    When I've had similar occurrences to find said location. I open a blank doc or the one you've got & do file, save as, then see the default location where it would save it to if you didn't point it to some other place. Write that down and then manually go to that folder.

    Not on computer at moment so can't recall full location.

    Hope you find it. Top tip, don't rely on save icon or auto save. Try getting into habit of using file, save as, option & selecting file location & then when it says file already exists you can use replace option, knowing then it has been updated & over written.

    Hope this makes sense to you.

    Original Poster

    thanks, i think i'm done for.

    i thought as i had saved it on the autosave file it was saved, i have done this before and been fine. but i think it was still counted as a temp file and i've prob dismissed open docs not needed and thats gone with it.

    Try looking in recent documents on the start menu!

    It will be in the temp folder, just rearrange the files into modified order and it should be at the top of the list,

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    thanks but no it wasn't in the temp folder, i've tried including hidden files, asd & tmp files to no avail. I know I did save it but as I didn't change the name i think when the autosave files have been disregarded my file went too :((
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