Found 15th Oct 2008
Ok so im 12 months into a 18 month contract with O2 via the carphone warehouse

so far so good, although I am paying a bit too much for the tariff i'm on, and whilst I want to keep the number i've got at the end of the contract I may not renew the contract with O2 unless I can get a better deal, although I probably can cos Ive seen a few deals on here that would really suit me

Anyway my question is, taking the above into account, does anybody think I am entitled to a handset upgrade at this point in time and if so should I take it (will it obligate me to stay with them at the expiration of the current contract?) and/or will I be able to transfer my tariff to a better suited one now? The last time I inquired regarding this the stafff were really short with me and said it wasn't possible




if u decide to take the upgrade then thats a fresh 18month contract

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if u decide to take the upgrade then thats a fresh 18month contract

right, good to know, thanks


and no your not 'entitled' to an upgrade

you need to be in the last month of your current contract - ie month 17 of 18 - to be eligible (not entitled) to an upgrade.

when you do upgrade you star a fresh 18-month contract

If you go into any phone shop you will probably find that they will 'buy you out' of the last 6 months of the contract & offer you a new one. However, you won't be able to keep your number if you do this, as the old contract still has to run its course. (In effect, they give you the cash equivalent of the last 6 months of the contract.)
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