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Found 15th Jan 2007

My dad wants to record brass band concerts he goes to and I suggested a MP3 player as they are small and not very techy but can anyone suggest one?

Do you pay for what you get or are they basically the same? eg, the 2gig one from Dixons (I know it hasnt had a good writeup but its not expected to do cartwheels and sommersaults).

How many minutes can you record on a gig of memory?

Would an external mic be advisable from peoples experiences?

Any comments greatly appreciated.



hi ive got a creative v plus 4gb it was £109 from amazon and the recording is amazing..persoanlly i love it and think it is the dogs b*llocks. but also u can get mics i have a small sony condensor mic that just clips on and that is also amazing. maybe slightly better for music etc. but obviously you get what you pay for

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Thanks for the info.

Only concern is my dad isnt really IT literate and recharging might be an issue as he'll be using it for ages for his contests and away from a PC.

Surprised that it seems to be only Creative that have MP3 players that have line in options so looks like I'll have to put my teachers hat on again and teach an old dog some new tricks.


Welcome to HUKD steviegroves
I have one of these:-

It charges your Zen and is very easy to use.:-
Specially designed to complement the Zen Micro, TravelDock Zen Micro is portable, compact, light and versatile, with a stylish cover that acts as a stand and protects the speakers during transportation. Truly multifunctional, it enables users to charge the Zen Micro while listening to their music, uploads and downloads music and data via an integrated USB connection, and allows additional devices to be connected via the AUX port. With headphone and subwoofer connectors and an FM antenna, it offers incredible flexibility in any environment.

The TravelDock Zen Micro further extends the versatility of the player with an IR remote. This allows people to control power, volume and Zen Micro functions such as play/pause, next/previous track. They can also use it to switch between FM radio and MP3.

Audio quality is outstanding. With four premium NeoTitanium micro drivers and an advanced digital amplifier, the TravelDock Zen Micro will deliver eight Watts RMS of clear rich sound for up to 25 hours, powered by four standard AA batteries. Titanium is the material of choice for Creative when manufacturing speaker drivers. It offers superior characteristics in sound reproduction and construction and far outperforms other materials such as aluminum. When combined with Neodymium rare earth magnets it ensures the best performance in a small form factor design.

£55 from ebuyer:-
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