Advice on new TV

    I am looking to buy a new TV for the living room,preferably 40-42"

    Was just wondering what kind of things to look for?

    A few specific questions would be:
    what brands are good?
    plasma or lcd?

    Also if anyone can advise any good TV's that they may have bought, that would be great.



    well i'd say hdtv compatibility, and make sure its ok for "the digital switchover". In my expierience lcd tvs are good, but if you can get a plasma for a reasonable price, go for it.

    the only advice i could give when buying a big tv is the distance from the tv position to your sofa. when you consider a 37" lcd tv should be at least 8-12 feet away for comfortable viewing, consider that a 42" should be from 12-15 feet away.
    any closer to it and viewing is uncomfortable because it does not accom the human eyes natural angle of view.

    I'd recommend a sony bravia they're a bit pricy though.


    What sort of price range?

    Personally for a 42" screen I would plump for a Panasonic.

    Probably ]go for this one.

    Or if you are feeling real flash, ]this one.

    Both are great sets, the latter has Full HD. The first has an onboard chip to give psuedo 1080P, which is supposed to be real good - without paying the premium.

    I bought the previous generation (42PX60) @ £1800 - and still regard it as an excellent set.

    More people now seem to be buying LCD, but apart from a LCD cheapo set, I'd always go for a Plasma.

    defo a panasonic they are brill , mine is a viera and is a superb picture, they have gone down in price since we got ours so you could get a bargain.


    you are effectively paying £210 extra just for the cabinet. stick with the pedestal version. better off with plasma at 42"

    For me I wouldn't go for Panasonic, not knocking the quality in any way it's just that I have mu own point of view.
    I had a 42PX60 that went back because they couldn't fix the Purple Snake problem. To relace this I considered the PX70 but was a bit miffed that they had removed the Headphone socket & one of the scarts on this "new" model.
    I went for a Samsung 50Q97 and then traded up to a Full HD Samsung 50P96 which I regard as excellent.
    You can get the 42Q97 at some great prices. Guess it's up to you to decide if you need a Full HD version or not but this will only be necessary if you plan on using a HD source such as Sky, Virgin or PS3 etc.
    When they eventually deliver Freeview channels in HD your integrated Freeview wont be able to decode these so you will need a new box or TV anyway.

    OP, go look at [url][/url]
    You will get a wealth of advice from there.
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