Advice on new Tv/monitor needed.

    One of the kids TV's have packed up. An as they have only got a 15"inch monitor on there PC i was looking for something to do both.

    was thinking of something like a 20" or around that size, going to hook up the cable V+ box via HDMI port that is in there bedroom. So what im wondering is will any monitor that has got a HDMI port be ok for this or would i still need to invest in a normal TV that has got PC ports on the back.


    You will need to look for a TV that has both HDMI and VGA ports, most LCD's these days will have it.

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    The PC has DVI & HDMI outputs as its got a ATI 5770 graphics card.

    Was sort of hoping to buy a monitor of some where like ebuyer & run the graphics card via DVI & the V+ box via HDMI. As that seams to be a bit cheaper then buying a tv/monitor

    But would i be better off just getting a tv/monitor instead?

    Il have a look at Amazon in a min

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    Thank you.

    So do you think this is the best option for this kinda price range for what i need it for?.

    As i was hoping for a bit cheaper but if il be getting value for money i can stretch the £'s to this
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