Advice on New Vacuum Cleaner Please

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Found 13th Apr 2008
Need a new Vacuum cleaner, not sure what to go for. don't want to spend vast amount upto £150 ish..

any recommendations ??




Ive got this dyson one. Cant fault it for £159.99. I bought a panasonic one for £200 a couple of years back thinking that it would be great yet it was broken in no time. Would stick to dyson now as they give 5 year guarantees with them now too

Go for any DYSON you wont look back !:thumbsup:

I would highly recommend the Bisell Lift Off, upright, bagless. I had mine from ebuyer for £104 inc delivery. It's fantastic for carpets, wood and laminate. My husband researched it for ages and it came out much better than any Dyson cleaner in all the reviews.
I've had mine for about 8 months now and have been mightily impressed.

I've had the lot , Dysons, Hoovers, Vax, Kirby you name it!! My advice is get a cheap one without bags and after about 18months bin it and start again. I have never found the expensive ones to be any better, I think its a bit like carpets.......buy a cheap one, replace it when youre fed up with it, buy a dear one and have to keep it regardless cos it cost so much!!

Everyone has their own experiences and opinions, i personally have had no luck whatsoever with Dyson, nor my mum nor my sister whos last one the motor blew up on it. The parts break and are too costly to replace. My mum decided to buy a cheap bagless one but was not to keen on that either and we both ended up buying Miele cat and dog bagged. The bags i suppose are expense but the suction is great.
Like i say each to their own!

Get a Henry hoover! We've got a Charles one which also sucks up water :thumbsup:

Yes, I'd go with a Henry, little to go wrong. According to Which, Dyson are the most likely to break down.

Another vote for Henry here!

What kind of flooring do you have, as a general rule of thumb, cylinder vacuums are better for laminate floors, some uprights are ok on laminate, but some are terrible. We had an upright Vax before we got our Henry - it was great on carpets but on the laminate floor it just flung the dirt around without sucking it up. If you do get an upright, make sure you can turn off the revolving brush head or you may have the same problem

Yes Henry every time

Why do you think professional cleaners use Henrys?

and also look in any office / hospital etc and you will see the little red chap there too


Sebo cleaners are excellent. Expensive to purchase but well worth it. You can buy parts and it's easy to fit them. I had mine for 10 years and it had a LOT of use. I changed the flter myself and the bags are just as cheap as other makes. Mine gave up the ghost a month or so ago and I can't afford another one.

Got a Henry,you should pick one up online for about £85 delivered,usually not a lot of saving to them to buy online than somewhere like a Euronics Cemtre or Argos etc.
My Mum got 1 too,and she recommended it to me. Most shops and places tend to have them for their shop floors etc.

yes henry is a good hoover, ive worked in two carpet shops, and we use a henry also!!
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