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After some help with a new wireless router, the router is based downstairs only one master phone plug and my iMac is upstairs and it struggles to connect by wireless. I'm guessing the wireless signal is to weak if I move the iMac downstairs it connects ok.

So is it a case of a new router or a wireless N wall access point?


Im using one of these to improve my signal, same situation...

Maplin Aerial

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Im using one of these to improve my signal, same situation...Maplin Aerial

Thanks for the link, did it improve your signal by a lot?

Is it the same size as a router.

It gave me three bars on the wireless indicator, so yeah by quite alot.

n yeah just under the size of the router i'd say, cheaper option than an access point though or new router.

Check your router first as well, The netgear aerials come off but i know some makes where it is fixed.

Am not sure to much about your mac, but you can plug in a USB extension lead and then plug the wireless adapter into the lead so you can adjust the adapters position if it helps. (if its a intergrated adapter then you will not be able to do this). Other option is to get routers that cover a larger area, so therefore the signal will be stronger. There could also be a setting in the router config to boost the signal strength also.

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I have a linksys router and it has no aerial, looked last night and there is a place to screw one in so I think I'm going to try your idea.

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