Advice on Old Dell laptop - repair or replace?

    I have a super old Dell Latitude Cpi A Series laptop, with nothing useful apart from its shell and size - would it be better/possible to buy a new computer/hard disk or whatever it is to replace the bit that does all the computing, a dvdrw drive and a new battery
    to buy a new cheapy laptop for around £200?

    I need something to take to uni with wireless capability - although i have a wireless network card so it just has to be able to process that. I have a 250gb passport drive which has everything I need, but I'd want a dvdrw drive and enough memory to play the Sims and not get really hot.

    Sorry for not knowing diddly squat about computers. PS i have an NUS card if that's of any use. I'd probably need windows to avoid ocmpatibility issues with random stuff I download.


    I had a dell inspiron last year, screen gave up...replaced it....and gave again. Dell is cheap but not durable. It'll be better if u get a sony instead.

    old pcs are rarely worth upgrading, to get the components to fit a laptop case is nigh-on impossible. junk it and start again, especially if you know "diddly squat"!

    i had an acer die after 12 months, i got a drive caddy to get the stuff off it, then junked the pc (fried motherboard!).

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    thnx guys
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