Advice on pc connection prob please

Found 23rd Oct 2008
Hi, hopefully someone out there has got a bit of advice. My son (with the help of a "I know everything about computers" type of friend) decided to upgrade his pc from windows xp home to windows xp professional and since then he can't connect to the internet properly. Every now and again it connects up but only for a minute or so at a time. If anyone has an idea of what could be wrong I'd be grateful for any help, thanks x
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Is it wireless or ADSL connection?

If it is ADSL then you might have to switch off or disable the LAN connection.
Thanks predi, it's wireless connection (network adapter)
I'm not on wireless myself, but check the connection properties and make sure it is not switching itself off after x amount of minutes.

This might help…p=1
Bring up the console and run ipconfig, What results do you get (for the wireless adapter if there are more than one set)?
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