Advice on PC for son

    Can someone give me any advice on which DELL PC to buy for an 12yr old who loves playing games, especially World of Warcraft. I don't know much about gaming PC's, but guess it needs a good graphic card & plenty of memory. .. would like a slim monitor also .
    My budget is £400 -£500.

    Candlequeen :idea:


    Folks round here seem to like Dell, but I'm not a big fan myself. I'd be looking at Evesham, Mesh or similar not Dell, if for no other reason than the better service (Mesh for example do on site warranty's as standard, with Dell that will cost you quite a bit extra). They're also better value imho, you get a much better machine for your money with higher quality components.

    Something like this perhaps: ]http//ww…232 and you can always customise and add a better graphics card, bigger screen, etc. For example with that one you could have a GeForce 8500 for an extra £40.

    The Dell ]£290 system is excellent value but lacks a good graphics card. If you really want the best value for money I'd buy this system (upgrade to the 20" monitor for £58 extra if he'll have the desk space) then add a graphics card seperately - probably a GeForce 7600 GT, which you can get for about ]£55 delivered - total cost would be bang on £400. Do you know someone who could help you fit the graphics card?

    Failing that Dell will upgrade the graphics card themselves to a GeForce 7300 for £40 extra or a Radeon 1300 Pro for £50 extra - not as good value but he would at least be able to play WOW.

    Worth noting with all the systems mentioned you'll need to add speakers.

    Also worth noting to match the specification of that Mesh I posted by upgrading the Dell Jah mentioned you're looking at well over the £500 price tag of the Mesh before you even add the speakers and a better graphics card (assuming you want one) and that's with the inferior 1 year collect and return Dell warranty too...

    Long story short, the Dell might be cheap but the Mesh is a much better system for the money.

    Not really fair comparing upgraded prices as the Dell deal is only good at its base spec. Yes its sneaky of Dell charging over-the-top prices for upgrades but they are what they are and the baseline spec for £290 (or £350 with 20" monitor) is very good value.

    I use both Mesh and Dell PCs at work and to be honest don't think much of either, but the Mesh systems in my lab have proven very unreliable.

    Mesh and Evesham are multi award winning manufacturers (see ]http//ww…977 and ]http//ww…EE0), backed up by industry leading support. Dell on the other hand quite simply aren't, they have one of the lowest customer satisfaction ratings of any built to order PC manufacturer.

    It's unfortunate you've had a bad experience with Mesh but they're the UK's leading PC manufacturer for a reason.

    Dell are fine if you like cheap and cheerful, but Mesh and Evesham are the best out there unless you can either build your own or have a small fortune to spend on the likes of Commodore, 3XS and Alienware.

    If it were my money, my budget and I couldn't build my own (which I personally always do, but that's not something everyone fancies) there's just no contest. It's not even comparing like for like, an on site warranty (where they come to you if there's a problem) is a whole different league to a collect and return (which leaves you without a PC while they try to fix it) - that's around £100 worth of extra service according to Dell and with Mesh it comes as standard.
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