Advice on Planning My Stay In New York

    I'm taking my other half to New York for her birthday in Janruary (its a supprise, so shhh) however I have no concept of time when it comes to getting around as it will be the first time I will have been also, just wondering if those who have been think that i'll have enough time to do all the stuff i've planned in the 3 nights we'll be there.

    Were due to land at JFK at 12.55pm where I've already got a limo to pick us up drop us off at our Hotel in Midtown 3 blocks from Times Sq. assuming it'll take and hour to get out of the airport, a hour to get to the hotel and an hour to check in and get everything ready so we can go out again, so lets our break starts at 4pm Friday, I've tried to be as efficient as possible so far but heres what i want to do:

    See Times Sq. (always wanted to have a hotdog in front of the big coca cola sign)
    (possability of fitting something else in here?)
    Early night

    Saturday: Early start:
    Do the whole 86th floor observatory thing on the empire state building (im aware you can pre book your tickets for the elevator
    Shopping at Macy's, FAO Shwarts (gotta see the big piano) then up 5th Ave to Rockerfella Centre, then Bloomingdales (her birthday present will be a shopping spree)
    Drop off bags at hotel:
    Walk in Central Park, see the zoo hopefully
    Find a nice restaurant for tea (any suggestions)?

    Subway down to ground zero
    Carry on down to get Statue of liberty ferry
    Subway to Grand central (want to the go for proper New York Cheesecake an dont want to go as far as juniors in brooklyn - I hear Little Pie Co in Grand Central is good)
    Back to Central Park for a skate on the rink
    (fit anything else in here)

    about 3 hours last minute gift shopping before our ride back to JFK

    Ok so thats my plan thus far, most importantly is all that doable? anyone think of anything I could have missed (museums etc are not really her thing) anything else I could possibly fit in or tips to enhance our trip? or could I rearrange the order of visitings to make more time, any other shops I should visit?

    Thanks in advance :thumbsup:


    I've never been - but all I can say it your laydee is one lucky lucky girl :thumbsup:

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    :lol: well its something I've always wanted to do so just combined it and wrapped it as a present for her (I'm a man theres always got to be something in it for me lol)

    She's probably rather have the money and go Primark *roll eyes*

    One question - any room for me please?!?!

    See Timesquare at night obviously as its better (its like daytime anyway with the amount of lighting)

    The que for the ferry to the actual statue will take ages, when we went we qued for bloody ages and then theres loads of security etc. We didnt get off at the statue (we went to the immigration museum which is ok, but not brilliant)

    If your going to macys take your passport and you can go to a special desk and get a voucher for 12% off (ask in your hotel and they will probably know)

    My favourite part of Manhatten is Greenwich village (its the part they live in in friends) this part of new york escaped being turned into a grid and has some really cool shops and restaurants)

    We took this tour…php and it was brilliant, they take you round the area telling you the history etc and take you to taste the food from places in the area (such as the Pizzeria spiderman works for in the 1st movie). After the food tour we went and ate at places the lady had recommended and we were not disapointed.

    One of the places we went was an old Speakeasy from when alcohol was banned and the pub was secret (has no name on the door, just a number, and has hidden exits in the floor and bookcases)…331

    Hope this helps

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    Cheers thats the kind of advice im after rep added...

    I'm pressuming that in the winter months it will be getting dark at about 4pm so would be ideal to be around times square.

    Ohhh its fantastic you will love it and so will your partner, primark has nothing on New York.
    My advice is if you really want to see stuff and save time buy a bus ticket from the following people.…ng/

    Its well worth the money and its not even that much. You can just jump on and off and it has loops designed to help you do certain parts of the city. The night time tour is also fab, the city is amazing at night and times square is amazing all alive and bright. I cant wait to go back and my lovely other half is taking me for new years as a xmas present, to be honest i have not stopped going on about the place since we went 2 years ago.

    If you want to catch a show whilst you are there try and sort it early as it really does get easy to be caught up in everything else. The statue of liberty is worth seeing even if you only take the ferry past it, she stands so tall and proud and the colour of her is something you dont get from pictures. I agree though that the museum, whilst interesting if you are short on time is not a must see.

    We are hoping to go see a concert or basketball game this time which i think would be cool, im currently looking up who is on whilst we are there if anyone.

    Good luck and any questions just mail me.

    Im so jealous any room for a little one? :whistling:

    Don't do the empire state building, its a rip off!

    you don't go all the way to the top and you have to pay extra to go as high as you can go (an extra 16 floors). Plus when you get to the top there are iron bars in the way so you have to squeeze your camera through.

    Instead I'd go to the rockerfeller building, not only do you go to the top but you have an uninterrupted view as there are no bars but just panes of glass. You can also go up to a higher level at no extra cost and see over the panes of glass. Add this to the fact that from the top you can see the empire state building (makes for a better picture) but you can also see central park!!

    We went up twice, once in the day, once at night



    i was in nyc 2 years ago in january, id sujest if its for ur girilfreind, when you go to ground zero shes gona want to go to centurey21, its a huge shop, they shop in sex in the city. you didnt metion what you were gona do for breakfast, we stayed at the waldorf astoria n we didnt eat there , we ate every morning at the deli called cafe 49, it was like central perk kinda, even the sign was the same, i m a huge freinds fan, and we went to the warner bros studio shop place, that was great, also went out to woodberry commens shoping land, but u need a whole day ther, and its an hour away,...

    bloomies is ace!!! massive and ace, also went to a call shop on broadway call yellow rat bastaard its a good shop, sells roxy,oniel surfer kinda shop, i liked it.

    am sure ull hav loads oh fun, smoke really does cum outta the drains, and no matter what the walk , dont walk says, taxis will still run you over!!!

    o and u have to go to the hugh toys r us in times square i think it is, not matter how old you are hte dinasour is so really, and u get wonderful frozen yoghurt form the shop across the street

    Ive heard you would have a MUCH better time if you took, a 6ft, blonde geordie bird called Jules.....wooohoooo i fit that bill perfectly! :-D

    First off - buy the Citypass - huge savings for all the big things, works out to £25 inc Cruise, Empire State, Museum of Natural History, Guggenheim, Museum of Metropolitan Art, and Museum of Modern Art - see those you want n flog rest on to someone else.
    3 hour circle line cruise worth every single sent ($5 extra than the 90min inc on citypass).

    Avoid limos 100% - they will screw you over if your are not v v careful. For example quoting price per person without tax, tolls, baggage charges etc. Your $50 will turn into $500 in no time. Get a 3 day metro card for $12 each - everything sorted.

    The Olive Garden in Times Sq is well worth visiting - huge waits so book by phone, but unlimited soup pasta and drink for $10 AND superb views of times sq.

    59th & Lex in Bloomingdales is likewise fantastic - excellent upmarket atmosphere, nice staff (we got free chocolate at end.. gourmet stuff worth more than meal!).

    BTW your probably going to have trouble fitting everything you listed in - Weekends in NY are bloody manic! Shopping is best done in the wee hours - lots of shops open on 5th av at 5 AM.

    Some subways are under maintainence at the mo so be careful if your in a hurry anywhere (for example getting subway back to JFK, which is $5 each).

    Ground Zero is worth seeing (PATH train subway gets you right there). For best view go to the vesey street overpass to get a decent shot, but it won't take long, it is just a building site (albiet one with freedom tower posts around and excessive street sellers). Near there is World Financial Centre (across pedestrian bridge toward North End av) - fantastic shops & upper market resteraunts.

    Other must dos inc a show (Half price tickets at TICKET booth underneath Marriot Hotel in times SQ) & things like Russian Tearoom, and Utsav Indian buffet. (on resteraunt row).

    People will be rude walking by - expect to get jostled, and expect to get dirty, it isn't a clean city, but if you can get past how urban it is, you'll have fun.

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    All these women flinging themselves at me, if only I knew this when I was single, its a lot less riskier than Ryphonol :lol:

    Thanks for your help , rep to all.

    Going to eat breakfast out every morning, theres so many places I just woudnt wanna eat in the hotel.

    Was planning to go to "top of the rock" dunbar, just forgot to mention it.

    Jules im 5"6 - it just wouldnt work

    Sean - already booked limo and paid online - well its a luxuary sedan, price included fuel surcharge, toll so all I need on the day is the tip (gratuity)- why dont they just say tip? also I'm originally from rochdale it cant possibly be as dirty as that hell hole :lol:

    Shell - im 24 and just a big kid so I'll love the dinsours, in fact might get her to leave me there while she goes shopping elsewhere lol

    Fair enough - which company did you use? All seemed to be quoting me $200 ish for JFK to financial distract 2 weeks ago :P
    Mind you I guess peak tourist season they can get away with it.
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