Advice on returns needed please :)

    I have a faulty camera that is 6 months old, but only used 3 times as it was an Xmas gift to my wife.

    The camera was used for the first time this week, and it works fine apart from the fact that it won't show you the pictures that you have taken - that button appears not to work

    Called, who say they only take faulty items back within 28 days - fair enough, but my contract is wit them surely and aren't they obliged to sort it out for me - taking it back and liasing with Fuji to sort out repair or replacement?

    What exactly are my rights, as don't seem to have a clue, and I believe that by refusing to deal with me they are breaking the Sales of Goods Act

    Am I right or wrong?

    Any advice on how to deal with them would be greatly appreciated


    if you do end up sending it back make sure you send it special delivery coz of value because play are a pain for saying they havent recieved things happend to me. normally it would be the camera manufacturer

    They aren't breaking the SOGA, because they aren't based in Britain. A major part of why Play is so cheap is that they're based in Jersey, so they can avoid the costs incurred by obeying the SOGA, what with all the refunds and repairs and stuff that they'd have to pay for otherwise. Your best bet really is to take it up with Fuji. But don't worry - if Fuji have any hint of a clue, they'll want to sort you out as quick and fuss-free as possible, so it shouldn't be too bad.

    contact the manufacturer

    regardless of the usage you have had the product for 6 months!

    manufacturers usually collect and replace via courier and are less hassle prone!

    will take one phone call and a week max


    I had a similar problem with an Acer Netbook I purchased from They told me it wasn't their responsibility and told me to contact Acer. I contacted Acer but they told me I had to contact Play. Play then told me to get a repair number from Acer and they would take it from there.
    This worked- I gave Play the repair reference number and they aranged for a courier to collect it. Perphaps it would be worth contacting the camera manufacturer and then telling Play they advised you to contact them.;-)

    Original Poster

    Play were actually good for me with a dea external hard drive, paying for return of the device - they won't do this now because they won't deal with it for me, and Fuji has said the expense of sending it back to them is down to me.

    I'm annoyed because of the little use its had - is this standard practice?
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