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    I have a pond in my garden - its about 6ft diameter.
    Its got lots of green algae growing in it. The algae is like the leaves of a clover if they werent all joined together. Is this type of algae healthy?

    We dont have fish but lots of frogs.

    Ive read that I might need some aquatic plants to sort the algae out so we were thinking of some water lillies. Does any one know how you plant them or do you just buy them and they float on top?

    Any help would be great & rep will be left for all!


    Algae is bad as it robs the water of all its oxygen - if you had fish they'd be dead.

    When we had aquatic plants we tied stones to the roots to weight them down, then dropped them gently in to the pond - they will grow up to the water surface so don't worry that you might be drowning them.

    How do,

    Firstly, sounds like you might have a bit too much algae. take some out and whack it on the compost. By the sound of it tho, I think it is duck weed, this is ok, the frogs love it, but it really does multyply rapidly and can take over the pond. With this, any plant life iunder the surface will not get any light so it can be annoying to grow other stuff. Definatly need some more plants. Lillies are good, you should get a underwater planter form any pond shop, the lilles sit in that and it makes it easy for positioning.

    You could do with some oxygenating plants also. These are like small bulbs(cant for the life of me remember the name) and just float around the pond. Also, you get special straw from the pond shops which also helps stem algae and keep the water clean, this just bobs around in a small bundle.

    If yoiu have small ledges around the edge of the pond, these are good places for reed/pond weed which are in turn good places for the frogs and do smarten up the pond.

    my reccomendation would be go the the pond shop, buy a variety,w ith planters, stick em in and see what happens. The annoying thing with ponds is that they need time to develpo and you cant really rush them as it just looks unatural and natural things dont like to be forced.

    Hope this helps

    dont sound like algae sounds like floating plant take some to local garden centre there will tell you what it is or put a photo on i we will guess

    Flip one of the little plants upside down. If it's got roots, then I think it's not an algae of badsorts, but quite a nice little floating plant thingimajig that never seems to have done any harm to my pond. In fact, it can be quite a good thing, since it allows pondlife to hide from potential predators.

    Take a photo so we can see, though.

    Original Poster

    Heres some pics. We skimmed it last night so its not as dense. Last night it was as thick as the stuff at the right hand corner.
    I think it could be Duckweed - as suggested - read ducks or geese help keep it at bay. Boyfriend now wants to get some ducks! Shouldve kept my mouth shut!

    Thanks for all your help

    Yeah, when you get a few more plant life and things in there should keep it away really. Nowt to worry a bout unless there is stuff underneath that needs light. frogs love it! Also in that small end of the pond, i would put a few stones in so the frogs can get out, they need to 'migrate'. bit of long pond wee/reeds and some lillies, should look really nice.

    looks like duck weed its great for bloking sun and stopping green water wish i had some

    Yes, as said, it's definitely duck-weed (lemna species). It's a bit of a night-mare!! You can scoop it out with a kitchen sieve.
    It gets washed in the current if there is water movement so a water feature would make it gather somewhere easier to deal with. A few pieces of Elodea to oxygenate the pond and a nice small variety water lily to shade it is all you need IMO - and as b/f says - ducks!!
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