Advice on portable DVD player for disabled person please

Found 10th Dec 2014
Hi, I am planning to buy a portable DVD player for a disabled relative and would welcome any recommendations. I think a screen of at least 9" would be a good size and the controls need to be simple and clear as his hands are shaky. It would be used mainly in his chair or bed so doesn't need a car kit. Thanks for any advice
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Have you tried looking at getting a tablet with BigLauncher and then just digitising their DVDs? Also makes using services like Netflix or similar much more accessible (if they are online).

Also probably worth asking your local assistance teams eg assist-uk.org/ and other organisations as they can probably provide specific advice of products that have helped other people with the same needs as your relative rather than people here who will really just be guessing at best options.

I can't help when it comes to DVD players as not purchased one in years.
Thanks for the ideas, he has a tablet but its only 7" which is why I think a dedicated DVD player with a larger screen might be good. He has loads of DVDs but doesn't watch them as he can get up and down easily to the existing machine and finds the controls confusing.
I've not seen a portable dvd player for a while but last one I owned had terrible battery life. Loading dvds would probably be tricky as they tend to use a flip lid and are awkward to load. A tablet linked to a simple media server might be better.
Aldi have one £49.00 on sale on Sunday 14 th Dec. 9 inch screen 3 year warrenty.
Thanks lesdenn, that sounds possible. We don't have an Aldi nearby but my brother does so I could hand this responsibility over to him!
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