Found 25th Mar 2009
Just after some advice about a purchase I made on here. I bought and paid for an item from a seller on the 17th, just over a week ago. He told me that I would get the item on the 20th but it did not arrive. He replied to my email and said I would get the item last Monday, again it did not arrive. I have sent another email but I have not had a reply. I hope he will come good but was just wondering how long to wait and what should I do if it does'nt turn up.
Thanks for any help with this,

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How did you pay? If you dont receive goods within another week initiate chargeback. Can seller give you a tracking number?

use the contact us button and let the mods know the details.

secondly if you followed the guidelines ring him!!!


bump the thread in question and ask where your goods are

Was the deal done in private or on the forums, cant see any deals you did around that time showing

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I have asked for a tracking number but I have not had one from him. The deal was done on here and I paid by bank transfer. He seems genuine and I hope the item will turn up but I am getting a bit concerned and thought I would see what options I have if nothing turns up.


Hvae you bunped the thread to ask where item is as suggested, you need to be keeping everything in the said thread

Seems he has sold 2 items recently including yours and the other buyer hasnt received that item either, maybe contact the other buyer and see if he has a contact phone number?

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Thanks sassie,
I have followed your advice and asked him within the thread, I'm a bit of a novice with all this,

Hi there just noticed this post after getting a message from Mike. I'm unfortunately in the exactly the same position. Matthew said he'd posted the item out on Wednesday, a full week ago. Although nothing has arrived yet. I do have the sellers details and will try and contact him. Hopefully its just a miss understanding. Lets see if he gets back to us soon.



if people left feedback then their wouldnt be as many people being ripped off, look through matts other posts, you aint the 1st

I looked through that though and it seemed the guy buying it managed to have an xbox in the end... So I presume its the one he was selling.

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No sign of him getting back to me,
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