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Found 2nd Apr 2009
Hi - I've heard about these cards but don't really understand them as I've seen on forums that people have that professor game and cooking mama on them but don't get how this is legal??? I was wondering if somebody could explain to me how they work and if they know of any good offers on at the mo - thanks


They are not legal, but easy to do and remember Winners dont use drugs


Its only legal if you own the original game. Then you can put a copy of them onto a memory card and use with an R4 or DSTT card

basicly its a card (same size as a game card) u pop this into the PC and drag games onto it, like a memory card. you then pop this into your DS and play games from it. depending on the size of the card, depends how many games u can fit onto it. quite handy if u dont want to carry more than one cartrage aroudn with you.

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okay - seems to be making a bit more sense now lol!!:) cheers

you can also use it for music and video too.

Cheap and easy way to back up and carry all your games. Downloading and copying from other people is illegal.

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just looked on ebay - is a micro SD card the same cos thats what I seem to find when I type in R4????

Try [url][/url] instead rather than get ripped off by Ebay - it's shipped from China (so about a weeks wait) but around half the price...

i read books on mine and be careful fromordering from deal extreme i received 2 dstt cards three week ago and cant get them working and of course cant get in touch with them either so i got r4 cards of gadget cube i know more expensive then dealextreme but they arrived two days later and they worked


I've got more than 5 DSTT cards from them and never a problem with any. Did you put the DSTT software onto your memory card?

yea tried the new firmware got the blank white screen on ds tried the recovery firmware on card then got 912c912c not supported on both cards i guess i was just unlucky but of course had no help from dealextreme

They are perfectly legal.

Have a read of this award winning thread for a better understanding:…419
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