Advice on returning faulty item

    it being a Tom Tom 720 that i bought 10 months ago from Amazon and is no longer working.
    They have offered me 20% refund on the purchase price and for me to send it off to Tom tom for repair.
    Can they get away with this or should they replace it with a new one?
    They no longer stock the 720, as the 730 is out.
    What can i do other than accepting their offer?


    They only have to send it off to be repaired for you as it's 10 months old.
    However I'd take them up on their offer of 20% back and you send it yourself.
    Call TomTom tell them the fault and they not only send you prepaid packaging to put the unit in to send back to them, but they return it special delivery.
    When mine broke earlier in the year I had the choice of bringing it back to Currys or sending direct to tomtom.
    Currys said it would be about 2-3 weeks before I got it back, TomTom had it back to me 4 days after I posted it to them.
    Brilliant service

    under the "Sale and Provision of Goods and Services Act (as amended)", it will be under warranty for one year, with the company that sold you it, not the manufacturer. However (and this is a big however), there is a six month rule that causes things like this to happen. If goods are faulty within the first six months, the onus is on the company that supplied the goods to prove that the fault is not an inherrant fault. Meaning that Amazon have to prove it broke because of something that you did. Due to the cost involved, most companies will just replace the item. Outside of the six months, the onus is on you (the buyer) to prove that the fault was inherrant. Normally this can be costly and more than the cost of getting it fixed, so most people are stuck. Speak to TomTom and tell them that Amazon have advised you to send it off to TomTom for repair, but that you would expect your satnav to work for at least one year, therefore it is not fit for purpose. They may advise you to go back to Amazon - if so, try quoting the "Sale and Provision of Goods and Services Act (as amended)" and see how far you get. Usually, if you argue enough (politely), and have the Act on screen in front of you, you can barter them into repairing it for you.

    I'll try to find the link to the Act for you.

    There is more information [FONT='Times New Roman']][COLOR=#800080]here[/COLOR] and [FONT='Times New Roman']][COLOR=#800080]here[/COLOR] - remember, forewarned is forearmed!!![/FONT][/FONT]

    I had a Kettle i had for 11 months, paid £50 for it. I emailed them to say it leaked and got a full refund. If you really want a refund try hounding Amazon a little more.

    Original Poster

    Thanks alot people!

    Tom tom will repair it no probs, i just think its wrong that we should put up with shoddy stuff all the time

    I will try and hound Amazon for more money then..

    just take the 20% and send it to tomtom, seeing as it was 10 months ago, i imagine you paid a good amount for it.... So surely your looking at £34 back at least?
    Thats alot of money for doing something as easy as this. Amazon dont owe you a new unit, they just have to arrange to get it fixed for you with the manufacturer.
    Nothing sounds shoddy to me... Amazon are offering you £34 for 10 minutes work. I'm suprised and would call that good service myself. I'm sure they will be even more helpful, but sounds to me like they've given you a very good option here.
    They are a business so of course they are going to try and do the best solution for them, which also gets the customer a working sat nav (not thier fault the tomtom died). But this doesnt mean they are shoddy, and doesnt mean they wont offer you a further solution.
    but its 20% off for nothing if you ask me. Dunno if its just me, but most of my electrical stuff goes wrong in warranty... haha.

    Surprised amazon are usually really good at replacing items , but then you maybe have to be a little bit firmer if it is indeed a replacement you want ....ive had a television refunded which was 11 months old problems at all.
    Hence why i try and buy most my things of Amazon if i can because i always find the customer service is second to none , but thats just my personally experience.
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