Posted 27th Nov 2022 (Posted 8 h, 34 m ago)

i was wondering whether to get the galaxy watch 4 or the galaxy watch 5.

i can get the galaxy watch 4 for 95 pounds (with trade in) and was wondering is it worth it or should i splurge and get the watch 5.

the bezel is not that important to me and i just use my current galaxy watch for notifications and replying to texts.

i only use it for 10 hours a day and then take it off so i am not a 24/7 user.

for 95 pounds the galaxy watch seems to be a steal or i can get galaxy watch 5 for 171.

please help
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    I went from 4 classic to 5 pro. The 5 is considerably better.

    I used the 4 for a year, it was laggy to use and battery life was just over a day.

    Watch 5 has no lag and battery life is 3 days.
    Would you say there is significant difference from watch 5 to watch 5 pro
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    Conversely I got a watch 4 classic in July and its great.

    No at all laggy and get over 2 days battery with just the AOD switched off. Everything else, WiFi, BT, GPS etc is on.

    Would you say the galaxy watch 4 for 95 pound is a steal ???
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