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    Hokay, My dad is leaving his job after 20 odd years and the lads who work with him are getting him a present, the present will be a sat nav of his choice. he has a limit of £130 and is looking for the best one out there. rep left for all the suggestions

    thanks, dean


    I have two, the best is Garmin, nice big screen easy touch controls and easy for my aged not computerised hubby to work. We did a lot of research before we got it and foundt hat Garmin were specialising in ship navigation for naval vessels since the war. Thought it might do a few less wrong turns than our daughters Tom Tom!!!

    Tomtom V3 from Halfords

    TomTom ONE UK & ROI V3
    Online Price: £119.99
    Voucher Price: £106.53
    Voucher Code: HALTTGB

    link: ]http//ww…284

    Definitely go with TomTom. I have used it and its great. Another popular one is Garmin.

    Yes, TomTom v3. I use this myself and found it to be brilliant. Like all SatNavs it is only an aid to navigation, so common sense is called for too. I would drive over a cliff if it told me to!

    Tom tom is the best. Very user friendly:thumbsup:

    Binatone Carrera X350 £79.99...not a Tom Tom or similar top branded sat nav, but it's cheap & one i own myself and it does the job great…4zA

    Know a few people who are technophobes but cope just fine with TomTom, easy to use and mines never let me down :thumbsup:

    The Navigo is a great little satnav.....You can run TomTom and Miomap on it..(And others by the way)
    These are just loaded onto a SD card, without having to hack the main unit.

    stick with tom tom tried two other makes absolute rubbish:-D

    If you want the best prices, look ]HERE.

    I love my Navman!

    My navman is ok also.....But that Binatone one the x450., now on offer from Amazon, good deal.£80 if im right.
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