Advice on second half golf and gym equipment

    My uncle has just died and I've been asked to help sell his golf equipment and home gym equipment. Apparently there's quite a few sets of left-handed clubs and some brand new exercise equipment.

    Has anyone got any suggestions as to the best places to get shot of these sort of things (apart from the FS/FT forum of course!)? I want to try and get the best price for them to help my aunt out.

    Thanks for looking.


    your local gumtree site

    what home gym equip do you have and where you located?

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    Not sure exactly what's available yet mate TBH - probably not as much as I was first led to believe but funeral is on Monday so may have a better idea after that. I know there's a Health Rider Total Exercise thing 'cos it's already in my shed!
    Located in Gloucestershire.
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