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Found 1st Apr 2007
I am looking to set up a couple of security cameras at home, can anyone advise what is the best way to do this and where to go for good cheap deals?

I would like to get 2 cameras up, front and back, with reasonable clarity and preferably a way to just record movement, and to get it saved for playback on computer.


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you can get PCI dvr cards from ebay which allow you to connect the cameras into, then set a sensitivity zone so if the image changes they will record for a preset time.

If you do get a DVR card make sure you have a reasonable high frame rate - i bought one and whilst it does the job its a bit blurry.. but then i bought it from a HK seller for around 8 quid,,

Wireless ones are useful but a pain, as the DVR card will (depending uppon how cheap it is) cause inteference and after a few hours/days the image may go dark for no reason and require the cameras to be turned off/on.. (When i used th cameras with RCA leads direct into a TV they were fine so im guessing it was the DVR card or PC)

The file format is recorded as .AVI and on a 120gb HD you can store a month/two months worth of video (obv depending upon how sensitive you got it set and how much it records!)

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