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Found 18th Nov 2017
Hi everyone
I am looking to sell a road bike that’s pretty much good as new but I don’t want to sell on eBay. I. Was thinking of packaging everything I have (bike related) I.e Taxx trainer, clothing, onboard computer etc but want to know the best way to sell. In total it’s about £1500 worth of gear including the bike(cannon dale 59” road bike) , I would like advice on a selling price also, is £400 too cheap or much. Thank u in advice for all advice
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£400 is way too much, you'll probably have to give it away.

I'll tell you what, I'll do you a favour and give you £100 for it all.
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I'd leave the clothing out of the sale as it might put some peeps off or just be the wrong size. Not knowing much about bikes its difficult to price but £400 might be a bit cheap. You could put it on a buy-it-now at say £800 with offers and see how that goes with a view to lowering after a few days if no interest. Look out for the ebay offers when you can sell for £3 or £1 even which will save you a large amount in fees.
The bike cost £900 and taxx trainer about 170 plus all the extras
Price depends on what the bike is and what components are fitted.

the gears/shifters will have a name on them sora/tiagra/105/ultegra etc

disc brakes or pads?

Did you pay list price?

which version of trainer?
I'd have a look at past prices both that bike model and the trainer reached on eBay as this will give you a good idea of the market value in comparison to age/condition - the rest of the stuff is a nice to have but won't really increase the value much, just sweeten the sale. Facebook marketplace / groups tend to be good for finding buyers who are into specific hobbies - there's bound to be a few cycling ones, but also there's a UK Outdoor gear selling/buying group that I use.
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