advice on selling,a house

    me and my partner are thinking of selling his house, were not to sure where to start. any advice would be helpful and also has anyone sold there house recently and did it take long with the way things are at the moment.

    do we get his house valued and put up for sale first or do we go and see what mortgage we could get for a new place first before putting it up for sale.
    or shud we wait till the housing market picks up again.
    id really like to of moved by summer but ive got a feeling that no body will want to buy the house at the moment.

    ive been looking at some houses and its making me want to move right away and dont want to get my hopes up but im fed up of where we live.


    Go see if you can get a mortgage 1st and work out what you can afford .....then go house hunting knowing what your price limit is.

    I would not go house hunting until yours is sold as you could find exactly what you are looking for and then be so disappointed if you could not sell yours. It is really hard to sell a house at the moment. Good luck!!

    Definately make sure you can get a mortgage first as few people are lending now.
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