Advice on Sky please.

    Hi All,

    Just had Sky reinstated for 6 months at half price. I could have had a Sky plus box fitted but would then have had to subscribe for 12 months at full price.
    Anyway, what I'm after is a recorder that would have similar features as a sky + box but would not have the hassle of fitting a new lnb ect.
    Also when we cancel the subscription, We would still have the recording features available, unlike the Sky+ box which becomes useless!
    I would like to know what I would have to pay for one of these if they are available.


    good question, will wait to see the anwsers myself/ iv always thought u need a new round thing on the dish in order to record to things at once

    I wont bore you with LOADS of info - but these are generally wisdely available in places like Comet and so on....

    Have a look at this link as a 'start' i am not saying it is the only link - but it starts you off....
    There are lots of these about - I am aware of Philips and Sony, and lots others too.....

    Let me know if you need or want other bits of infoo, but have a look here...

    Hope it helps.

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