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Evening All

Apologies if this has been raised before, but did a couple of searches and could not find anything.

I am moving house in a few weeks. I currently have Sky (not the See Surf Speak package as not available in my area) but it is available where I am moving to. I have spoken with Sky and thay have advised that they will want a MINIMUM of £50 set up if I want to move as no dish where moving to! I am looking for a TV, Phone and Broadband package! Looked on the sites but find them confusing, as have so many different things to choose from.

I am after some advice please:

Who provides the better packages? Sky or VM?
Is Sky the only provider of Sky One channel? If not, who else provides it?
Do VM charge install costs like Sky?
Pros & Cons of providers?

Bearing in mind that if I stay with Sky I will still have to have a BT line and pay line rental on it.

Any assistance appreciate!
Thanks in advance


virgin def. quidco £100
so hurry!!!!

Sky and Tiscali are the only ones with sky one. Plus, I think with Tiscali you have to pay twice if you want more than one box.

sky here....

UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS (and i mean this i regualy go over 750GB a month)

sky one (no more needed)

english call center (all be it chavs)

quicker response

you wont be locked to a contract as you already have them (just fight if they want a new contract)

your ******ed if virgen goes down as you have no way to get on internet..... (if sky goes down just plug in a dial up if you need it)


I'm on Sky as well, I think it's good value, especially the Broadband.

combined everything virgin cheaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


combined everything virgin … combined everything virgin cheaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and cra*er!

Original Poster

LOL! :-D

Sky One is a must, so the package must have that included!

Has to be Sky then!



I'm with VM

Got V+ box on full TV package, 20meg BB with no limits and phone with eve weekend calls included for £46/moth

Yes there are cheaper deal swith sky but the V+ box works very well you get BBC iPlayer and it upscales most channels so looks better on and HD TV than a scart input from a sky / sky+ box. I guess you need to pay extra for the SkyHD box, but VM only have BBC HD

BB is fast, I et over 15meg most of the time and is truely uncapped, never really seen throttling etc

Never had the phone go down so the twice we lost BB for more tan a few minutes you do have dial up as a backup

It a case of how much do you want to pay.



cheapest is £20 for all 3 that includes the line rental, tv M & broadband M(2meg)
£30 tv L, & broadband M (2meg), landline

actually if u mainly use the internet the best is still Virgin

but for TV is SKY
so hence up to u
but if only they cabled the area i live in i def sign up with Virgin with the £100 quidco think about how many months you save money?


LOL! :-DSky One is a must, so the package must have that included!

yep gotta go the sky route then

Original Poster

Wow...quick responses! thanks for the info, and think I will stay with SKY unless I can be convinced someone better is out there.

I already have a sky plus box, and just thought that I would have to pay out for that service again if I went elsewhere!

Thanks all!


Got V+ box on full TV package, 20meg BB with no limits and phone with eve … Got V+ box on full TV package, 20meg BB with no limits and phone with eve weekend calls included for £46/mothEliTom

How did you get that deal?!

Or do you not have Sky Sports?

The JFK;2382122

How did you get that deal?!Or do you not have Sky Sports?

sorry tv package is XL or whatever they call it, but no sky Sport of Movies but we do get Setanta or satsuma or whatever it is.....

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