Advice on Sony Vaio Warranty

    I bought a Sony Vaio laptop from Currys just before Christmas last year.

    It was advertised with a 1 year warranty. That's all it said on the advert/webpage.

    Recently, the battery stopped working and I can only run from the mains power.

    I contacted Sony (who by the way, had cut 6 months off my warranty - but they recified it on proof of receipt).

    2 weeks later I get a message saying that " do I have a friend or a shop where I can check the battery to see if it is faulty or the laptop".

    I said no, no local shops stock just the batteries and I am the only person I know with a Vaio.

    The next abrupt email I got basically said that they weren't going to do anyhting unless I can check it myself and that batteries are only covered up to 6 months anyway so just buy a new battery"

    Surely, if I purchased a ULTRA MOBILE laptop with 1 year warranty the battery should be covered as well?

    Am I wrong in thinking this really isn't on? Or not?



    Take it back to the store you bought it from explain to them the situation (I wouldn't mention the stuff about 6 months on the battery though).

    Explain to them you bought it from them with one year warranty and they are responsible to get it fixed under the sale of goods act

    • It is the seller, not the manufacturer, who is responsible if goods do … • It is the seller, not the manufacturer, who is responsible if goods do not conform to contract.…tml

    If they mention the battery thing, explain that at no time were you clearly informed that this did not apply to the battery.

    Original Poster

    Yes, I will do.

    I hope I don't need to give them the entire Laptop though if that's the way it works.

    I have dealt with Currys before in regards to a broken 360 and they swapped it there and then. So they were good.

    Still, I really don't think this a fair from Sony.

    I gather this sort of thing is industry standard. The idea is, you see, that since batteries fail within relatively little time, they're classed as wear and tear consumable items, and aren't eligible for the full warranty. Dell do the same thing, except they give batteries a 1yr warranty. The reason they're demanding that you prove it's the battery and not the laptop is that it if the battery isn't working at all (is it charging, powering the system at all, anything?), it's likely the system itself which is faulty and that can be repaired under warranty, but if it is the battery, they can't do anything for you. They presumably can't do diagnostics for you, because they're Sony, and Sony are scum.

    Currys tend not honour their warranties after the first thirty days of ownership, but it's worth giving what McCabe said a try. If it gets you no-where, Tranding Standards still demands that produducts be of reasonable durability (10 months for a battery is not), which may work as your next argument.

    Good luck, though.


    They presumably can't do diagnostics for you, because they're Sony, and … They presumably can't do diagnostics for you, because they're Sony, and Sony are scum.

    quoted for the truth!

    Original Poster

    Sony are indeed scum.

    Hopefully Currys will deal with it or at least let me find out whether it's the laptop or battery.

    The symptoms are that the Vaio is reading 'no battery present'. So it's like it just isn't there. The No idea if the battery is charging as it can't tell me on the laptop.

    As I say, I've actually had 2 dealings with Currys in the last year.

    The first was an XBOX360 which died Christmas Eve - which they replaced on Boxing Day. I'd had that for about 10 months.

    The second was a Samsung Fridge. They got an engineer out within a week and he replaced some parts. Around 6 months after purchase.

    So, I've actually had great experiences with Currys. But I read everywehre about tosh experiences as well. Maybe mine's a good one...:giggle:

    But I can't get over my disgust with Sony. It's taken them 2 weeks to get to this and then say about the battery.

    I'm not having it that a Laptop advertised as mobile with a 1 year warranty only has a 6 month warranty on the very component that makes it portable. That my friends, is a breach of conditions in my eyes. By Currys when I think about it.
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