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Posted 8th Jan 2023
just want to know what a fault is and reset the dash? i see some with a screen for about £25 on AMZ ir some Bluetooth ones for £10.

any recommendations? thanks.
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    Saw them in Aldi last week, ith.
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    Cheap Bluetooth and use Torque app (free version)
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    I see the cheapest Bluetooth ones seem like £9 on ebay? Seems normal?
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    Been using cheap £10-£15 OBD2 readers for many years.
    There is no point paying for more expensive ones.
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    I assume your fault is an EML and not something else? Pick up the cheapest EM327 dongle you can find that supports your device. Don't buy any of the crap from Aldi.

    If your fault is more than just an EML, you'll need something more complex in its fault reading capabilities.
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    Just be aware you cannot clear any safety device related codes using cheap BT dongle and free software.

    You would need an expensive code reader for that £200+

    This includes stuff like airbags, brakes, seatbelts
    That totally depends on car. I've got Forscan Lite on my mobile and a cheap Bluetooth Elm327 OBD reader and it can do almost anything on my Ford Kuga including reading, clearing and resetting modules etc.. Nearly as much as you can do using full blown Forscan and modded OBD cable etc.. Obviously it does vary car to car. Some are supported better than others.

    Some cars you do need dealer level software and more premium devices but that isn't always the case.
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    Believe me they are cheap for a reason!
    Certain faults can’t be diagnosed with the cheap ones, and you certainly can’t clear all the faults. Invest a bit more and you can use it to bring your money back
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    Thanks for your help, I found a mini ELM 237 Bluetooth for £4 on ebay and will pair it with car scanner free android app to find the fault. Thanks all for the input.
    Let us know how you get on
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    With the cheaper models you will probably not get access to all the modules, but the codes you do get will likely be a problem you can rectify at home.
    But unless you are going to do it full time, or your car is a heap of junk, then use the cheap unit to rule out some issues, and avoid having an expensive box sat around doing nothing by letting a garage use theirs once in a blue moon
    That's the thing, I only want to know what the code is to get an idea of the pricing repair so can choose whether to sell to one of those scrap companies or repair.
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