Posted 12th Jan 2023 (Posted 9 h, 45 m ago)
My daughter just broke our TV so looking for a replacement.

Can someone advise me if this is worth getting? thanks…tml
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    Buy this similar model from Costco instead - You get a 5 year warranty, and it’s from their higher quality UK4D Series with better internal components, direct backlight rather than edge lit for more even brightness, and no Amazon Fire built in (it’s awful software that runs so slow- This runs much quicker and still has apps like Amazon Prime Video. But if you want Fire TV still then buy a fire stick for it)

    Anyone can buy from Costco online. There’s no criteria for membership. But there is a £15 charge for online membership if you don’t already have a card. Well worth it for the warranty they offer though.

    If you REALLY want the one you linked. Go to Argos instead. They have the literally identical TV inside but with the Bush logo on the front for less:…269

    And I do mean identical. The same hardware and software inside, the same remote control, built in the same factory by the same people.
    Funnily rnough this is the TV that my daughter broke. Only got it 3 months ago
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    Currys had a 4K 55" LG for £229 earlier today
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    Get the tcl Roku in Currys instead.
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    What’s your current tv ?
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    Didn't know so many TVs have voice activated Alexa and Google nowadays. Always listening? If so, creepy. On my Echo Dot there's a physical button and red LED to ensure beyond doubt that the mic is off. Wonder how you can do this with TVs.
    Anonymous User
    It would depend on the TV - ours has alexa and google built in, but the mic is on the 2nd remote. And you need to press a button to activate it. If not, the batteries would run down really quickly.

    (We have an echo dot in the same room anyway)
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