Advice on Tom Toms.....

    I'm looking to buy a Tom Tom for my gf for Xmas

    Can anybody advise which is better - the Tom Tom Start or the Tom Tom One Classic as I don't have any experience with these!

    Any advice would be much appreciated



    My only advise would to not buy your GF a sat nav for Christmas!

    Get a TT One with IQ routing and you will have the perfect base level sat nav. I only say base level because more advanced models have better features that may or may not have any useage depending on how much driving to unknown locations she does.

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    My only advise would to not buy your GF a sat nav for Christmas!

    haha, no she really wants one cos she has to do a lot of driving for her job and is constantly getting lost and wasting time

    what does the IQ feature do ?


    what does the IQ feature do ?…tes :thumbsup:
    You can try it on the TomTom website as well (click on route planner)

    I have the older Tom Tom Go 520 and it is excellent. Couldn't live without sat nav

    i update my tomtom every year for a new model i find all these extra features are nice but don't use them at all, i have the tomtom one with iq routes, it's really good, touch wood i have not had any probs at all, unlike the older ones which would freeze or would not get a gps fix or needed resetting quite a lot, i would spend about £100-£120 and get the one with the best spec, tom tom's a re really good now:thumbsup:

    my best guess for you would be TomTom v4 , I think thats the one Without 'lane guidence' . I have the v5 and I turn the lane guidence off.

    Good idea. Program "Home" for a million miles away. You'd never see her again!!:whistling:

    Tom tom one xl with the bigger screen. IQ routes give you the best route for the time of day i.e. rush hour you may need a different route to sunday
    totalpda is a good site to check prices out
    Ive bought from them 3 times now - no problems at all and quidco too I think
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