Advice on upgrading your o2 account (possible 40% a month saving)

    I have discovered lately that phoning o2 upgrades is pointless, as they have no ability to offer you any decent discounts. Through various phone calls with them I decided to cancel my contract, so was transferred to the retentions team. Wow, these guys could do a bit of dealing..

    Firstly I noticed that if you mention a competitor website, and quote some random amount of cashback they were willing to give then the assistants are willing to give so much off the monthly bill. In the end they offered me the Sony Xperia X1, £50 for the phone on a £27 a month contract. This brings all the texts/minutes and unlimited data that the £45 a month contract offers.

    The best that the upgrade department could offer was the phone for £100 and a £35 a month contract.

    To make this work you must be willing to upgrade to a 18month contract, and tell upgrades that you want to cancel your contract as their prices are too high. They will put you through to retentions and they ALWAYS ask you why do you want to leave?. Say I can get this cheaper on and they are offering £180 cashback.

    I advised this to my friend and he got a £35 a month contract for £20 a month (phone for free).

    Happy with your phone? The o2 simplicity gives you 150mins and 300 texts for £10, on a 30 day rolling contract! (this is what I ended up doing as I liked my k850i).

    I hope this helps some people, and sorry if you dont consider this advise to be a deal, but I have taken my time to potentially save a few people some money!



    this is not a deal mate it belongs in misc

    Hot :thumbsup:, thanks for letting us know

    Not a deal as such but I see what you're doing. On the same note; a friend of mine works for Vodafone retentions and has advised that each existing customer has a set allowance of money which Voda put towards their contractr renewal (ie so much off a phone/free phone/best package). If you write to cancel a month before your upgrade date they will increase your allowance, sometimes upto double as a lot of people leave and rejoin with a better deal but this costs the company £££s. So bottom line is scare them with a letter, if they still don't help you then the letter is valid for you to leave but Voda do offer the best deals in my opinion and will always try to help...


    this is not a deal mate it belongs in misc

    you did'nt vote cold cos of that did you :roll:



    you did'nt vote cold cos of that did you :roll:

    i have not voted at all on this as its not a deal because there is no way of knowing what deal you could or indeed no get

    i voted cold, it aint a deal, retentions always give better deals no matter if sky/mobile etc

    This gets posted now and then and ends up in tips section

    i do this every year, its a good tip for sure

    u can get the simplicity contract without doin all dat

    You can do better than the simplicity deal if you push retentions and leave them to stew on the fact that you are gone. For instance I found Voda actually have two levels of retentions, the one were you call them and the one were they call you.

    I recently cancelled a Voda contract and when going through this on the phone I was offered a half decent phone and the minutes/texts I was on (about 300 mins 100 texts) for £20 a month. This is far cheaper than any standard contract they offer, but no where near as good as the 12 month at £30 a month with a cheap phone and a 32GB Ipod Touch I was leaving for.

    About 3-4 days later I got a call back offering me the same minutes and the phone for £11 a month :w00t: As my employer pays my phone bill, I decided a free Ipod Touch was still better for me, but most people would have happily taken their hand off for that kind of deal.


    it aint a deal, retentions always give better deals no matter if … it aint a deal, retentions always give better deals no matter if sky/mobile etc


    It's also old, old news.

    IMO it's better to disconnect/reconnect each time. Like you say, you get nothing on upgrades. It's a little more hassle transferring PAC codes around but well worth it.

    If I want to stay on a particular network then get a free PAYG SIM, request a PAC, transfer it, request PAC from new network and give it out again. I've done this many times before.

    I once told some guy at e2Save this when he rang trying to get me to upgrade - he just said "Yeah ..." but didn't offer me anything else.

    Also - Quidco is high on new mobile phone deals and none on upgrades.

    thnx for the heads up, anything to bleed the greedy phone companies:thumbsup:

    Hot from me, cheers!

    Wasn't aware of this and my contract is up soon, so now I know what to do.


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    i phoned retentions as my renewal has just come up and said i wanted to … i phoned retentions as my renewal has just come up and said i wanted to cancel and go to pay as you go.Instead they gave me the o2 simplicity gives me 200mins and 400 texts for £10, on a 30 day rolling contract also unlimited o2 to o2 calls.But thats not the best bit we got talking about there broadband because i had just canceled sky broadband and he said he could give me a 12 month contract for FREE no catches..

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