Advice on usb cable for my fuji f100fd camera.

    I need a spare usb cable for my Fuji f100fd but there seems to be more than one for that model. I bought the one below from ebay but its too big. Does anyone know what the correct cable is I need.…aa7


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    If they claim its the right one hard to tell if it isn't without a picI'd … If they claim its the right one hard to tell if it isn't without a picI'd get a card reader, much more convenient

    I have lots of card readers but just prefer to use a cable and as for the wife it would be like trying to teach an old dog new tricks. (Don't tell her please)

    It looks like all the sellers on ebay are listing the wrong cable to fit mine even though they state the model number.

    I'll just keep looking when I get the chance.


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    Does yours look like … Does yours look like this

    No its smaller than that and uses the same cable as my fuji s5800.

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    what about … what about this?

    Nope not that one either.

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    Right, have just taken these if it will help.[/IMG]

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    is it oblong with 2 corners cut off?

    Yes it is. but not like a mini usb or mini b 8 pin

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    whatsThePoint;8244281£11.49 there but at least you know what its called now

    Your'e The Man!!!. Nice one thanks. I just need to find one for a couple of squid now. lol

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    Its a pain in the ass. I think they used this type on just my cameras to have a laugh. Still cant find any other than the gen fuji one.

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    Just to update. I bought a cable for 3 quidish on ebay and have also found my old one lol.
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