Advice on what if any action can be taken on faulty products from Aria?

    Hi All

    Sorry to bother you all with this but i wondered if i could ask for any advice.

    A month or so ago i posted a link in this forum and many others about my pc not working (See below).…as/

    Anyway i believe i determined the GFX card in my opinion was at fault. After buying a new PSU the GFX card did not work so i bought a new GFX card and it did work with the new PSU.

    Anyway sent the GFX card back to Aria and they have came back with this answer.

    Dear Aria Customer

    We would like to inform you that the goods that you returned to us on RMA215060 have been tested however no fault has been found. The item was only tested against the information you supplied on your original RMA request.

    We are able to return your item to you; however this will be subject to a carriage fee. Please contact us on 0844 999 8999 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (excluding Public and Bank Holidays) or by email at to arrange delivery. We will also answer any queries you have regarding your item.

    You have up to 6 months to arrange delivery and claim your item/s, after which time if no contact has been made they will unfortunately be disposed off.

    Other than accept the item back is there anything else i can do be it legally or not?

    Any advice is appreciated, thanks!




    I suppose you could try getting it back then sending it out again.

    But that'd cost a tonne in postage.

    Accept the diagnostics from Aria! Since you have already admitted your lack of knowledge you should bow to your betters. Companies such as Aria are likely to be better equipped to check faulty goods, than you or I. If and when you reclaim the goods, a fault does exist, you will find that the Small Claims Court will gladly award you costs for the postage.

    what exactly did you state as the fault with the gfx card on the RMA request.

    Original Poster

    Sorry i dont have access to the email i sent as it was through work and i dont work there anymore. Oh well not much i can do i guess. Thanks for the replies all.
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