Advice on what to do - Lost phone... Ideally want a PS3 - Asking a lot!!!

Found 31st May 2010
Right I lost my phone a few months ago and bought a new one off ebay and everything was fine and Ive only gone and lost that one now, I really cant believe my luck.

Anyway the deal is I have 4 months left on orange and they have said I can wait til the 22nd june to upgrade or pay £97 to cancel now, which is excactly the same as if I leave it running. Also its gona cost £15 for a new sim card. So I really dont wanna go out and get a sim card and a phone again as that will probs be the £100 that I could cancel so I may aswell get a new phone / contract properly? Is my thinking anyway?

So Im looking around and everything is 24 months which seems very bad with mr recent efforts of keeping a phone, so ideally 12 or 18 months. I dont want anything too flash, was loving the HTC Diamond before. Needs the internet and thats about it.

Ive always wanted a PS3 so Im thinking this oculd be a great opportunity to get one - Anywhere that do good deals? Perhaps a shop I could go to now, having a bad week and this would cheer me up - Oh and I never phone people just text.
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htc tattoo on orange 1200 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited internet & free 120gb ps3 £45 pm 18 month contract
ps3 and 12/18 month contracts, can be very expensive, even if the phone isn't flash... although they can work for some people as like a loan without interest, and you get the ps3 and pay it back with 0%, then again in some cases of deals you may just be better off using a credit card with 0% for first year...
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